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18. Nous estats i principi democràtic

Hèctor López Bofill

First edition: 2009

ISBN: 978-84-9697-0

77 pages


Guanyador del V Premi IDEES d'Assaig Breu


Within the new conceptual framework marked by the different scenarios of globalization, the increasing erosion of the nation-state as we had known it to date and the changes in the concept of sovereignty, the author proposes applying the flexibility and mobility which result from liberalism, from democracy and from modernity also in the sphere of the construction of state realities. This would not only be to harmonize the political framework (often too rigid and inert) and the social reality (constantly changing), but also to defend the peace from the blows of the defenders of the current status quo as one of the constituents of the political organization. This book, which won the V IDEES Short Essay Award, stands out thanks to its sharp analysis of the classical theory of the state, its alternative analysis with a view to a new account of the state constructions in the 21st century and its proposals for new procedural variables of sovereignty processes.

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