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Thinking as well as pedalling

Opinió | 17/11/2008

How to plan and foresee bicycle use

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The network of bicycle facilities needs to be extended. Use has increased enormously, but enough has not been done to allow its rational use adapted to the mobility of the country. A National Bicycle Plan is proposed.

The bicycle is the main unexpected figure in 21st century transport. Jordi Portabella, a councillor on Barcelona City Council for ERC and the promoter of the Bicing system, confirms this in an article published on He highlights the considerable increase in use of this means of transport, especially in the Catalan city centres, ideal thanks to their density and their favourable climate.
The author does, however, warn that it may soon die of success. The network thus needs to be extended in order to meet demand. This requires very moderate investments, but any action needs to be well designed, promoting the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, aiding connections with other means of transport and foreseeing the extension of the municipal to the regional and national circuits. Portabella thus proposes the approval of a National Bicycle Plan, with the consensus of those involved, and the creation of a public management body in order to monitor the issue.

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