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A New Mobility

Opinió | 09/07/2008

Catalans seek a deal on infrastructures

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Spanish lack of investment and the recent railway crisis in the Barcelona metropolitan area require, rather than insisting on grievances, future plans which shun the No culture, assess the country’s needs and lead to consensus.

The Catalan government’s Secretary for Mobility, Manel Nadal, demands a major national deal to confront the future of transport communications. The following report is the first in a series of contributions about Catalan infrastructures, whiuch are to be submitted to by acknowledged experts.

In the face of what he describes as the fragility of the Catalan transport system, the author advocates strengthening the main axes of dynamism within the European framework. For this, he sustains, it is necessary to act in three directions: avoiding dogmatic preservationism which paralyzes ambitious projects, securing necessary commitments and resources from the state, and reaching consensus on the future map among as many actors as possible. From there, the transportation and mobility spokesman in Catalonia offers his master lines for the main plan of action.

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