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Combat the stress of living in Catalan

Agenda | 23/06/2010

Fighting the stress of living in Catalan

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An approach to the social uses of the Catalan language from a psychological perspective and a series of behavioural keys to be able to talk always in Catalan without having to suffer from stress. This is what Ferran Suay and Gemma Sanginés offer us in the book “Sortir de l’armari lingüístic”, which will be launched in Barcelona on the coming 28 June


It is an almost impossible mission to live a hundred per cent in Catalan. There are plenty of everyday situations in which expressing yourself in a minorized language leads to uncomfortable, even conflictive, situations, from an individual point of view. Changing language because the interlocutor does not understand you, for example, can generate a reaction of subtle or evident stress in many Catalan speakers. 


Two psychologists from the University of Valencia, Ferran Suay and Gemma Sanginés, offer us, in the book “Sortir de l’armari lingüístic”, a series of individual guidelines to be able to react to these situations of tension without getting annoyed, without becoming discouraged, without being embarrassed and, above all, without having to change language. Through six real cases, which exemplify different profiles of speakers, they offer attitudinal proposals to solve the discomfort that can be generated by speaking in Catalan. We can thus combat our linguistic stress and, at the same time, contribute to the social use of Catalan. 



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