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Slovenia: Modernity and normality

Recerca | 20/09/2010

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The most developed of the former Yugoslav republics, Slovenia has had few problems on becoming a market economy, joining international organizations and enjoying good democratic health. It is a completely normalized European state

The Socialist Republic of Slovenia, with 8% of the total population of Yugoslavia, contributed 18% of the state’s GDP in 1990. It was by far the most prosperous, modern and developed republic. This fact, together with a much greater ethnic cohesion than its neighbours, aided its development as a state from the day after independence, achieved after an ephemeral war with few casualties. Slovenia has succeeded in achieving reasonable economic growth, with good general health and public accounts on a fairly sound footing, although it has certain problems of wealth distribution among the population. At the same time, its political structure is fully consolidated as a stable and multi-party democracy, and it has become, from any viewpoint, a modern and developed new European state.With the approach to the case of Slovenia, the CETC inaugurates a series of studies on recent independence processes.  

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