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A door to the open sea

Opinió | 03/11/2008

New dikes over the sea, the key to the future

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Building a brand-new port over the sea could be the key to turn around the Catalan economy. It could solve the saturation foreseen in the port of Barcelona, and convert its quays into the access from Asia to Europe through the Mediterranean.

In southern Europe, Barcelona is probably the only big city with sufficient capacity to dispute the Europe-Asia traffic and the related logistic activities. This is stated by Joan Alemany in the study delivered to The author, a specialist in port planning, regrets that there is not clear and decisive support for this strategic decision both from the Catalan and from the state institutions.

The idea of designing the major logistic platform of southern Europe in Barcelona involves its port. Given the exhaustion of the space available for expansion, in both Barcelona and Tarragona, Alemany proposes a big new quay over the sea (a common practice in Japanese cities). The expert likewise demands the commissioning of studies and the opening of an urgent debate on the issue.

Despite the works carried out in recent years, future growth requires new strategies, such as the one mentioned above or the construction of a European gauge goods track. It is also recommended thoroughly incorporating the potential of the facilities of Tarragona and, in a complementary manner, a further four ports, with which a true Catalan port front could be created.

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     Port de Barcelona, foto de Lluís Castellà
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  •  Port de Barcelona, foto de Lluís Castellà
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  •  Port de Barcelona, foto de Lluís Castellà
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