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Neither population, nor territory, nor economy

Recerca | 27/11/2008

Disinvestment from any point of view

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However you look at it, the infrastructures of the Mediterranean arch are short of resources. The data do not stand up to comparison with the Madrid region, whichever criterion is used. This endangers the dynamism of a true economic power on a European level.

Studies commissioned by from various specialists, and discussed by the geographer J.V. Boira, highlight various data. In the Spanish framework, the communities from the so-called Mediterranean arch (or EURAM) have strong similarities. The most important is probably that their dynamism (40% of air passengers, 63% of goods by train) does not lead to strength, when it comes to obtaining improvements in the transport infrastructures. The contrast is very clear when compared with the Community of Madrid.

The area of Madrid has a much smaller population and surface area, but its urban density does not save on investments. For example, it currently has more km of underground railway than Catalonia, the Land of Valencia and the Islands all together. The same can obviously not be said about motorways, but here Madrid benefits from more toll-free roads. There are 450% more toll motorways in Catalonia than in the Spanish capital, and 350% in the Land of Valencia (in km/inhab.), thus solving the lack of public effort through private concessions.

Similarly, the Catalan-speaking airports represent 40% of the state's passengers, above the 25% of Madrid. When it comes to investments, though, the figures are inverted. This injustice has caused the saturation of the Mediterranean arch, where 75% of goods have to be transported by road (the majority toll roads), while Madrid uses lorries only in 46% of cases. In short, it may endanger the economic potential of the EURAM which, although said in passing, also exceeds Madrid by far in almost all the indicators.

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