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Dissection of the State

Agenda | 26/02/2009

Presentation of the winning book from the V IDEES Short Essay Award

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On Wednesday 4 March, at 7 p.m., the winning book from the V IDEES Short Essay Award will be presented, NOUS ESTATS I PRINCIPI DEMOCRÀTIC (New States and Democratic Principle) by Hèctor López Bofill. The event will take place in the Pati de Columnes of the Il•lustre Col•legi d'Advocats de Barcelona (Carrer de Mallorca, 283, on the corner of Carrer de Llúria)

This book reviews the classical theory of the state, prepares a new account of the state constructions in the 21st century and defends proposals for new procedural variables of sovereignty processes. The author Hèctor López Bofill (Badalona, 1973) is a Doctor of Laws and a lecturer in Constitutional Law at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona. In 2003 he won the Josep Pla narrative award for the novel L’últim Evangeli (The last gospel). As a jurist he is the author of numerous books and articles. In 2004 he published his essay La independència i la realitat (Independence and reality), which has become the reference text for the new pro-sovereignty in Catalonia.

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