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Trains like in Switzerland

Opinió | 19/12/2008

Rail transport proposal 2014-2020

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It is proposed to open up the train to 94% of the Catalan population and to provide the areas with more than 50,000 inhabitants with fast connections. It is assured that, with a modest investment, the railway can be converted into the most efficient, economic and practical transport of Catalonia.

Following the so-called 2007 infrastructure crisis, Pau Noy maintains that what has really gone into crisis is the Catalan model of mobility. As a result of the changes of the last few decades (rise in the standard of living, expansion of developed territory, construction inequality with Madrid and priority of the private vehicle), he clearly backs a promotion of public transport comparable with that carried out in other places of Europe.

The author adopts the Train Project 2014, from the association PTP, which is inspired by plans such as that of Switzerland (Bahn 2000), focused on the defence and improvement of conventional railways. He alleges that, with little more than 7 billion euros, it would be possible to remodel and extend the Catalan train network. If, moreover, an intermodal system is applied, with coaches adaptable to the change of gauge, overall the country’s infrastructures would measure up to its needs.

The final railway map would cover the territory better and would do so more efficiently. Advantage would be taken of the high-speed axes with Intercity corridors between big and medium-sized towns; the regions would be linked in a solvent manner with the Catalunya Exprés services; and the Suburban network would be extended to the whole country. There would be a minimum of newly built lines, because those already existing would tend to be expanded, reusing some in disuse, renewing the facilities and above all rationalizing the general system while guaranteeing the fluidity.

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