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Hèctor López Bofill wins IDEES prize

Agenda | 10/10/2008

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The jury of the V IDEES non-fiction prize, convened by the Centre for Contemporary Studies (CETC), awarded this year’s distinction to the work “A State Theory in three Chapters”, by Hèctor López Bofill. The author is professor of Law at Pompeu Fabra University, and his book will be published in the essay collection of CETC. The jury acknowledged in particular the shrewd review of classic State theories conducted by the author, his alternative analysis for a new narrative of State constructs in the XXIst century, and his suggestions for new variables in sovereignty devolution processes. The members of the jury were Xavier Bru de Sala, writer and journalist; Carme Ferré Pavia, journalist and professor at UAB; Martí Domínguez, professor of Valencia University; Gemma Calvet ,lawyer and political analyst; Ferran Sáez Mateu, professor of URL, acting as secretary, and as chairman Alfred Bosch, director of CETC. The prize is endowed with 3500€.

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