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Overcoming the crisis: more public investment

Opinió | 22/12/2009

The property crisis from the government and companies

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Andreu Ulied talks to Ricard Fernández about causes, consequences and solutions to the current property and economic crisis. In “The discontent of a small Europe” Ulied speaks to various personalities about the crises affecting Catalan society.

Three basic lines of public investment: renovation of housing and remodelling of neighbourhoods, promotion of social housing by purchasing land and construction and investment in sustainable mobility, social welfare, energy and environmental infrastructures. This is the anti-crisis recipe of Ricard Fernández, ex Secretary General of the Environment and Housing Ministry of the first tripartite government and current Director of Habitat for Catalonia and Aragón, in a conversation with Andreu Ulied on the property and economic crisis from which we are suffering. The social implications of the crisis are the aspect of most concern to this ICV activist.

Ricard Fernández also reflects on the government of which he formed part. He maintains that he arrived late because the change of generation was managed badly.

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