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Publicacions | 02/06/2009

The new economic equation does away with nation-states

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The classical conception of the state is obsolete. Although in the past they were essential to promote the four i’s of economic activity (investment, industry, information, individuals), Kenichi Ohmae believes that other bodies, the region-states, are shown to be more useful to play on the global chessboard.

With the development of telecommunications and the arrival of globalization, the economic equation has changed and the classical borders, constructed artificially, lose their meaning. Kenichi Ohmae, one of the references in economic strategy, states this in the book “The end of the nation-state”, published by the Contemporary Issues collection.

The Japanese author states that the most delimited geographic units – he gives Catalonia as an example – have the right scale to be the port of entry for the four i’s of economic activity. Ohmae calls them region-states. Provided, of course, that they know how to internationalize, in order to leave to one side the burden represented by the old, obsolete, structure of the nation-states.

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