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VII IDEES brief essay award

Agenda | 15/02/2010

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Opens Call for 2010 for the award of the IDEAS-Trial Brief. The Official Gazette for Monday 15 February 2010 published VCP/302/2010 Resolution of 1 February, opening the call for the year 2010 for the award of the IDEAS-Trial Brief

The purpose of the IDEA Award-Trial Brief is to promote the development of research work and study in terms of thinking about contemporary issues, which must be dealt with in a very broad sense, on any topic in the contemporary world (philosophical, scientific, economic, political, artistic, etc.).. Trials competing for this award must have a minimum length of 40 pages and a maximum of 50 (2,100 characters approx. With spaces per page). The amount of the VI-Trial Brief Award IDEAS is 3500.00 euro and the deadline for the work that opt for this award, along with the application form duly filled • ends on 15 March 2010.

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