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More head than heart

Enquestes | 13/04/2010

Those for independence claim rational motives

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Those in favour of independence for Catalonia stress democratic practices and economic motives first, according to a study carried out by UOC and entrusted to CETC. The detractors of independence, on the other hand, mainly allege sentimental and emotional reasons.

The supporters of independence for Catalonia select democratic and peaceful motivations first (65%), followed by economic reasons (62%). This can be gathered from the Diagnosis of Catalonia – Spain Perceptions, carried out by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and handed over to the Centre d’Estudis de Temes Contemporanis (CETC). This pragmatic view is dominant, but in general there are different and important motivations, which do not exclude the sentimental, linguistic or identity factors, although all of them are below 60%. A very low level of tiredness with Spain should be pointed out, as it does not even affect a third of those polled.

As for the supporters of NO to independence, who represent a minority in relation to the former, the study indicates a very determinant influence of sentimental motives, a factor which doubles any of the other considerations. Fear of conflict moreover obtains 25% of the replies, rounded off by economic and legal unviability. We therefore have a very different picture to the one shown by the supporters of a Yes vote. On the one hand there is a great variety of motives with a slight predominance of pragmatism, but on the other hand there is polarization around emotional factors.

The motives of those who claim that they would abstain are very interesting. They state first that they would not vote because it is not up to them to decide on the issue, and it is clear that this feeling of distance rises among those born outside Catalonia. Moreover, the reasons not to vote observed are fairly similar to those of the detractors of independence

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